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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take travel insurance?

This is at your discretion, but it is recommended.

What is the currency of South Africa?

The currency is the Rand and the exchange rate typically falls between 11 and 13 Rand to 1 US Dollar.

Do they speak English in South Africa?

Although there are 11 official languages, English is widely spoken.

What is the time difference?

East Coast of the USA (Eastern Standard Time) is 6 hours behind South Africa during daylight savings time and 7 hours behind during standard time.

Will wifi be available during my trip?

Wifi is available at all lodges and hotels.

What is the electrical voltage used in South Africa?

No, South Africa operates on 230V and the USA operates on 120V, so you will need a converter and adapter for any device you need to charge.

What is the climate like?

Although South Africa does experience 4 seasons, it is generally a mild to warm climate. South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere, so winter is end of May to beginning of August and summer is November through February.

What are the average temperatures for winter and summer?

The average winter temperatures are 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit and the average summer temperatures are 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Bringing layered clothing is recommended for all seasons.

What should I pack for my Safari?

A camera to capture your memories of a lifetime! Neutral colored clothing is recommended for all safaris and is advisable for the walking safari. Binoculars can enhance your game viewing. Good walking/hiking shoes are also recommended.